The following are helpful links to find out more information about Neighborhood Watch Program(s) and things you can do to keep your subdivision and home safe from crime/criminals:

National Crime Prevention Council: View Site
McGruff The Crime Dog: View Site
Barrow County Crime Prevention: View Site

Contacts for Savannah Oaks Neighborhood Watch

The following are important contacts regarding Savannah Oaks' Neighborhood Watch:

As a resident, if you wish to receive neighborhood alerts, send an e-mail to:


Web Site Information: E-mail
Barrow County Sheriff's Office - Crime Prevention Contact: Corporal James "Buck" L. Stover
(770) 307-3080, Ext. 3971

Our last meeting was held on October 4th, 2011. At the meeting, we all learned about "Target Hardening, Making Your Home A Safer Place". The following items were addressed:

Appearance (i.e., landscaping)

One suggestion provided was to make sure tree limbs drop no lower than 7 feet and bushes around your home remain under 3 feet. These landscape height suggestions can prevent a person from hiding behind your landscaping while breaking into your home. It also gives law enforcement good visibility of your house if they are ever looking for a suspect.

If you missed the meeting, you will want to view some of the tips we learned. There's a great summary of some of the things we learned at the meeting. Click HERE to download the document.

Note: The document is in PDF format. If you wish to download the documents, you will need the free program called Adobe Acrobat® Reader®. You can download it for FREE from Adobe. Click here to be redirected to Adobe's download page.

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E-mail Notifications and Alerts

We have created a Savannah Oaks Homeowners’ Association E-mail Group that will allow us to  disseminate information to all homeowners in Savannah Oaks in a quick and efficient manner.  By using this e-mail system, we will be able to provide information about improvements to our subdivision and other matters relating to or impacting Savannah Oaks Subdivision.  In addition, we can utilize this e-mail system to provide information regarding the Neighborhood Watch Program that Savannah Oaks is joining through the Barrow County’s Sheriff’s Office.  If we learn of an issue or crime that has been committed in Savannah Oaks or the two neighboring subdivisions (Beringer Pointe and Chateau Forest), we can immediately convey this information to our residents.  By knowing this type of information quickly, we can keep a watchful eye for anything out of the ordinary and report unusual situations to the Barrow County Police.  All of these measures help to keep Savannah Oaks a great place to live.

How to Join the E-mail Group

If you would like to join this e-mail group, please send send an e-mail to E-mail. Please include your name and address in the body of the e-mail, so we can confirm you as a resident. Your e-mail will be directly added to the group. You do not need to get a Yahoo ID. Once your e-mail is added into the group, you'll be all set up to receive the e-mails. .

How the E-mail Group Works

The e-mail notifications and alerts will be just one method of conveying information to residents.  More methods will be conveyed in the near future.